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Lightbulb Enable Daylight Savings... please?

In VBulletin admin there is an option to "Enable Daylight Savings"

If Daylight Savings Time is currently in effect for the above time zone, enable this option so that guests will see the correct times on posts and events. This has no effect on registered users as they control their DST options in the User CP.
The current problem will go away in a few days when the clocks go back, but I for one, have been somewhat confused when browsing the forum without being logged in. This is because when I am logged in the DV247 forums show GMT+1 ( British summer time ) but when I am not logged in the DV247 forums show GMT.

Not logged in, last post;
Today 02:32 AM by EdRyan

At the same time, if logged in I am told the last post was;
Today 03:32 AM by EdRyan
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