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I can go into detail as I'm pretty DVD don't stock any of the following, tho' I won't put any links up, just in case.

1/ Richwood Tree of Life limited edition LP clone.

Mahogany body with quilted maple top finished in Honeyburst. Only 168 made, 24 in each of 7 colours, it cost peanuts in relation to the quality, a absolute gem that, imo, the Gibson custom shop would struggle to match without charging very silly money. I paid 490 inc hard case and even tho' I've replaced the stock pups with a pair of Irongear Steamhammers, the total cost is still well under 600.

2/ AcePro AE625.

PRS style, spalted maple top with EMG passive humbuckers for 249 inc hard case. Not quite up there with my Richwood, but it's not far behind, mainly due to the factory QC not being as attentive as they could have been, but well worth the extra cost of a full pro setup.

3/ J&D SE890.

Ash body with maple and nayto thro' neck, S/S/H for under 90? This was a total steal, it plays like a dream, as good as it looks in fact, and even factoring in replacing the pups with 2xGFS Lil' Killers and a GFS Bigmouth Bridge meant a total outlay of under 150.

4/ LAG Jet.

Another cheapo at around 99 tho' after fitting a set of inexpensive Axesrus own brand pups, this is probably my most played guitar. Nothing fancy to look at, it just plays so well with a action to die for.

5/ AcePro 12 string superstrat.

I can't say much about this other than it cost around 120 and is in bits atm, but in one piece it's a nice guitar, again with a fantastic action.

6/ Richwood RG-18-CE Grand Auditorium acoustic.

A lovely acoustic that now boasts a action that shames most electrics. Solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides with ivory maple binding and fitted with a Fishman Classic 4 peizo pup. I think I paid just over 200 and it's a all round good acoustic, even if the sites boast about it being a Taylor killer is well wide of the mark.


VOX AD15VT, just a lovely little, tho' loud, amp.

Roland 15X, ditto the above comment.

A cheap'n'cheerful Toneworks AX1500GT multi fx. Most of the presets are a bit iffy, but digging into it can give some excellent results.
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