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Thank God !

Dave 'Dangerous' Pearce has needed to be let loose for many, many years.
I was always mystified as to why Haliwell got a R1 slot as well. His party trick is a CDJ playing bpm sync'd effects and sounds that he scratches and stutters with. I've never really found him interesting..

They need to get rid of Jules though. He's more relevant then Pearce but still pales in comparison to other Dj's and producers.

I still have a lot of respect for Tong. He's managed to keep himself fresh and work with the latest sounds/people.

The new choices of Dj strike me as a bit strange though. Kissy Sell Out were big last year, the other couple are virtually unknown and why do we need another hour of 'urban' music when the bbc has 1extra to cater for that sort of thing.

Mind you, I still think the best dance show on R1 was Danny Rampling. Until they bring something that matches that, I don't really wanna know !
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