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I delved straight for the AKG 150 and then the Titan, mainly because I have the 150's and Im considering the Titan.

You can hear the 150's getting quite edgy, which is a tradeoff of being small diaphragm. That said, from the little I've used them I've found them to be pretty sharp overall. It works really well on some material, but less-so on others. It's easily remedied with a bit of EQ to tone it back a bit, but its something you have to be aware of.

The M3 sounds a tad more neutral, but that could be down to the phrases used to test it. Sounds with 'Pe' in them tend to have very strong plosives. The M3 and 150 sound fairly identical on 'pattern'.

Interestingly, The C1000s picked up more reverb then the others. Even the Rode in Omni mode sounds like it picked up less reverb (altho a tad more general noise).

Good work Dave
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