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Default Quick microphone shootout against SE Titan

Given the interest in the end-of-line deal on the SE Titan (and typically, I bought one before the price dropped a further 40 - Doh!) I thought I'd do a quick shootout with it against some more common microphones, at least one of which you may already have yourself.

The mics I recorded are:
  • SE Titan MkI
  • Rode NT2a
  • Rode NT1a
  • Rode M3
  • AKG C1000s
  • AKG Perception 150
  • Shure SM58
  • Sennheiser Blackfire 521
The SE Titan and the Rode NT's are large diaphragm condensers. The M3, C1000s and Perception 150 are small diaphragm condensers. The SM58 and 521 are dynamics. For anyone unfamiliar with the Sennheiser Blackfire 521, it is essentially the same as a Sennheiser MD421, but without the bass roll-off switch.

Each was setup on a stand using a suspension mount (where possible) in front of an SE Electronics Reflexion filter in the middle of my control room (with only partial acoustic treatment - an absorber cloud above my mixing position). The mics were run through my hand-built FiveFish SC-1 preamp (DIY Preamp - FiveFish SC-1 kit build blog) as I thought this was probably the least coloured preamp in my collection. This was fed to a balanced line input on my DM3200 desk and from there via Firewire into Cubase. There is no processing whatsoever on the recordings. All I did was to optimise the gain for each particular microphone (and use phantom power for the condensers).

For anyone interested, a screen grab of the project showing the waveforms is below (click the thumbnail).

For the 2 LDC mics, I recorded each of the three available patterns, Cardiod, Figure 8 and Omni. On each microphone, I had any available pads or bass roll-off switches in the off position i.e. no pads and no filtering. I only resorted to using a pop filter in front of the 2 dynamics and the AKG Perception 150 (which was extremely sensitive to plosives).

Now the all important bit, here are the recordings... though note, they are 320kbps MP3 files to save on my bandwidth!

SE Titan Cardioid
SE Titan Fig8
SE Titan Omni
Rode NT2a Cardioid
Rode NT2a Fig8
Rode NT2a Omni
Rode NT1a
Rode M3
AKG C1000s
AKG Perception 150
Sennheiser Blackfire 521
Shure SM58

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