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True, one thing I've noticed whilst looking into a fair few motherboards is the way in which they implement their PCIe.

Its a bit naughty (and cheap). Slots that will support/fit various devices of differing rates(lanes), but basically bottleneck them back to a fixed lane value.
It is a massive problem with PCIe. If you only have one lane, your card is running at a data rate of 250MB/s. Less then USB2, as well as FW400 and FW800 obviously.

And boards with 2 slots, that then decide to share lanes between them. Although I suspect this was done for the benefit of gaming rigs. Faster calculation by coherent and paralell processing is better for performance then faster access to data that hasn't been mangled..

PCIE 3 looks promising though. A data rate of 1GB per lane and zero overhead...
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