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Originally Posted by EdRyan View Post
You simply delete the application folder. However. There is another app called Codemeter that is used as part of the license operation. You should read this..

"Uninstalling Record

Mac OS X To uninstall Record, just drag the Record application folder to the trash. Please make sure you have no personal files in that folder before doing this.

Windows To uninstall Record, open the control panel and choose "Add/Remove Programs" ("Uninstall a program" if you're on Vista). Select the Record Beta from the list and click "Remove".

Uninstalling CodeMeter

Besides the actual Record application and the Record Sound Bank, a runtime kit called CodeMeter is installed. This is the part of Record that will handle the license if you have a Propellerhead Ignition Key.

Even though the beta doesn't come with an Ignition Key, please don't uninstall CodeMeter while you're running the beta. If you start Record and CodeMeter is not present, Record will promt for you to reinstall it.

Mac OS X To remove the CodeMeter runtime, download and run the CmUninstall application: "
Cheers Ed...I had read those instructions somewhere before but couldn't put my finger on where
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