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Hi Tom
well it was all looking good till I saw the budget figure, but no matter - there's got to be something that will do what you want.

First lets deal with the laptop bit. You need to say a little bit more about what you're trying to achieve here. If you're talking about playing out jingles or short "stabs" that can all be handled in the laptop with the right software - and there's some good free stuff. But let's assume you don't want to do that (and sometimes you still need to have more than one output). Firstly, you need a way of gettings ound out of the laptop, and you can't just stick a sound card in there. You therefore need an external sound card or IO box - there are dozens of options to go for here, so for now we'll just leave that - give some more info and I'm sure you'll get loads of suggestions here.

Now lets count the laptop as 2 stereo channels, you've now got 7 channels at line level (presumably all stereo), and 5 radio mic channels, which generally can be either mic or line level.

At 206 the Behringer XENYX 2222FX almost meets your spec. - it will handle the 5 radio mics okay and has 4 stereo line channels (for say the two PC sources, and two CD players). Sadly, the remaining 3 channels are mic/line and therefore mono. That's not the end of the world, as you may take the view that those rarely used "other sources" and iPod input can be mono rather than stereo - depends a lot on what you are doing with them.

Your biggest problem is the number of stereo line level inputs you need. Depending on what you are doing, you could take the view that the computer sources, the CD players, the MP3 player etc. are all similar, don't need much by way of eq, and the recordings are good enough that you don't need faders on each channel. In that case, you could go for a simple line-level stereo mixer to sub-mix all those stereo line sources (say EURORACK PRO RX1602 at 79), and feed it into one stereo input channel on your main mixer. That would give you a lot more choices on your main mix, though your budget is awfully tight even for this option.

BTW can you just confirm that it's just a mixer you need, and not a powered mixer? (In which case, your budget is not going to do it!)

To be honest, I think you need to convince your group that this is not a realistic budget. Anyone who can afford 5 wireless mics of any sort of quality really should be able to afford a bit more than 200 for a desk.

Anyhow, come back with some more info., and I'm sure the members here will offer a lot of helpful suggestions.
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