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I would say My Bloody Valentine but I saw them at the Roundhouse in June and it was mindblowing. Half of me regrets not wearing the earplugs and half of me is so glad I didn't wear the earplugs. My ears hated me for a few days after though...

I would have loved to have seen Nine Inch Nails with Atari Teenage Riot supporting in Brixton in 1999. The live album Atari Teenage Riot recorded that night is incredible. Trent Reznor was in the middle of his drug addiction and being generally mental on stage, smashing keyboards, jumping on Robin (the guitarist) and generally being crazy, contrasted with the beautiful moments of The Fragile they would have played like La Mer.

Atari Teenage Riot that night were at breaking point. Hanin Elias was too ill to play, Alec Empire was on a cocktail of painkillers because the world tour had tired him out so much and Carl Crack had suffered a mental breakdown. That night is literally the sound of a band collapsing. Apparently some people were so angry at their set they tore up their ATR t shirts and threw them down in front of the band and spat on them. If you heard the album you would understand why. But yeah that gig would have been intense.
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