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Default PA System Mixer

Hey Guys!
I'm new here, not really knowledgeable on this kind of subject areas.
So I'm going to ask the advice of you guys here, please please try and help me.

I'm looking to purchase a Live Mixer, as I am the technical, audio/visual guy for a small performing youth group at a local hall, they are wanting me to suggest to them a suitable mixer for them to buy, as the current one in somewhat dated and barely suits the needs of what is required.
Simply I need a mixer that is able to deal with the following all at once...

2 channels for music through a laptop (will I need two sound cards for this?)
2/3 wireless microphones
2 wireless headset microphones
2 channels for CD playback (possibly not required)
1 channel for additional mp3 player
2 channels for any other equipment that may need to go through the mixer (karaoke machine etc.)

The main use for the mixer is for vocals (singing/speaking) and music (backing tracks) for live performance events.

I have a slight budget restriction, I'm hoping to look for something around 200, but I think we are willing to go over.

If you need any more info please ask.

Please help me.
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