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Update to the above post.

New Phenom II X2s are available as of now. most places are only stocking the 550 (3.1GHz) model but there is also a 545 (3.0GHz) and a 540 (2.8GHz) model on the way. the ASUS M3/4 series boards and anything using a AMD 780/790 are compatible as although this CPU is technically an AM3 (ddr3) chip it is backwards compatible to AM2+ and contains both DDR2 and DDR3 memory controllers.

Ive just snapped one up for my games machine to replace my old Athlon X2 5000+ and it absolutley flys. some of the projects ive been working on using this computer (whilst my main machine is down) have gone from using 80% cpu to around 30%

At 78 its a great upgrade path if you own an AM2+ board already and need just a little extra juice
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