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I can see the fun factor in these things, but you know that there are people that will actually turn up and use them. Mainly not in specialist scenes and 'proper' clubs where mixing is a must have. But you can be assured that in ritzy/works/zanzibar type situations, and to a lesser degree mobile dj's etc will be all over this sort of stuff.

Pacemaker could work really well, but it's not big enough to have access to everything that you want at the same time. Needless to say, it's impossible to manipulate two items at the same time. For some tricks that is a must have. But you can bet that they'll do an update or new version that allows you to link two pacemakers together to sort of make this possible. Or maybe some sort of system link to use the controls on the new breed of digital mixers to cuse tracks and control effects. Maybe then it'd interest me in a serious capacity. Even then it will probably lose out to the new breed of CDJ's that support memory cards and ex drives...
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