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I'm not normally one for being negative, but I really do hope this falls flat on it's arse because I think it's a step too far.

Turning up and playing music from a phone isn'y my idea of dj-ing. Phones aren't built for this sort of thing. As a toy, it'd be amusing. Fun for bus journeys etc. But I wouldn't feel like a Dj by standing there and palying with my phone..

Even things like pacemaker make me scepticle, and that has more credentials in terms of specs for this sort of thing. Again, I think it takes too much away from the visual aspect of being a Dj. When I tried one, it felt like a wierd mutated love child of an Ipod and functions from Ableton.

It's the comprimises and size of these things that ruin them for me. I'm not a technology phobist. I dig people like Kerri Chandler that wonder round the club with a laptop DJ-ing, that is a cool trick. Saying that Kerri Chandler is a master...his tape to tape set at southport was a lesson that alot of newcomers should swot up on.

Plus these things prove my point. We're using technology to make what we have smaller, not actually any better in terms of performance and quality..
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