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Default Xio 25 and Faderport

I have upgraded my midi controller so have no need for my:

Novation Xio 25 (Xiosynth 25):

Nifty little thing, definitely from the get-go of your promising production career.
It works fine, no damage, well loved, not even a scuff.
Unfortunately somehow when moving house I snapped the software disc. The driver disc is fine, just the Excite+ disc thats bumfed. I registered (and use) the software anyway so it would be pretty much useless.
USB cable, power adapter and quic start manual and everything is present and correct.
Edit:I'd like to add that this was also my main Audio Interface and performed admirably. The synth in it is also wicked fun, especially if you're not too hot with synthesis yet.


Or my:

Presonus Faderport.

Virtually unused, was slightly surplus to requirements. There was no driver disc when I got it. This isn't a problem as its best to download the newest drivers from Presonus anyway. It worked fine when I was using it. I have the original PSU and cables.

Looking for about 80.

Both are out of warantee. Have never really sold anything before so this is new ground for me.
Postage has not been included in these figures, haven't costed it up yet.

Will sort postage and stuff out and update the post.

I'm open to offers, and would rather sell them through here (its friendlier than eBay), so PM me with any questions.
At the bottom of a rather steep Learning Curve (I like Brackets).
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