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Default Apple iDJ/iProduce anyone?

For iPod Touch and iPhone users, there's some cool s**t happening.. Apple have applied for a US patent which seems to indicate they're looking to produce a touch screen DJ app?

Looks cool if it gets realised commercially, but I reckon someone should tell them about that turntable on the left though..

On the general Mac tip, there's also a new DJ app appeared that has a simple user interface, but seems feature packed and very cheap (it also can be controlled from a vestax midi controller and can utilise pro-audio interfaces) dJay Software

A new media player has appeared called 'Audio Codex'

A quote from their site says it provides: "ultimate power and flexibility in playback — effects, reverb, visualizers, loops, time, pitch and more — so you can mash up your movies and tunes like never before" so there ya go! Check it here

And finally, for those lucky iPhone/iTouch users, you can synthesise to your hearts content with this little baby called

It can be bpm synced (by tapping), has 80 or so presets to kick off with, and costs about 4! On top of this, the company are working on release of a digiridoo and flute emulator - cor blimey!
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