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Default Prince 'Lovesexy' and the wonderful Sheila E. on drums

Ok T3, well, for me it has to be sometime 88/89, Wembley, Prince - 'Lovesexy' Tour - The stage was at the centre of the huge hall and Prince entered in what appeared to be a pink cadillac from beneath the staging structure. What ensued was a mind blowing, energy filled trip through the 'Purple' hits, into Sign O The Times and Lovesexy itself. His musicianship was awe inducing, on guitar and piano.. And the sight of Sheila E. playing two bass drums, in high heels.... standing up.. woah!

Thing is.. went to see him a couple of years later when he hit the 'Graffiti Bridge' era.. and oh dear, it all went very sadly downhill from there..
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