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Exclamation Check your phone bill. Counting 123........

Bogus 123 calls!
I have just received my phone bills for both my BT lines. I thought it very odd to see a charge on my home line of 1.275 for 5 calls to 123 on 26 Feb and 3 March. I was trying to think if anyone was visiting me on those days and why I would let them dial a number I would never dial myself - knowing it is a chargeable call for something I can find out easily by just looking at my computer or the TV, or even my mobile phone - the time!
It was when I looked at the bill for my ADSL line that I really began to smell a rat. The bill says two calls were made to 123 on the same two days and charge me 51p for those calls.
But....... there is no phone plugged in to my ADSL line! It is simply not possible to dial any number including 123 from that line.
I have just got off the phone to BT customer services and after much shouting I was passed through to the fault investigation people. I do try to keep my cool when calling any customer services but I had to really repeat myself to make the point that a call can not be made from a line that has no phone attached to it!
BT have agreed to remove the 123 charges from both bills and resend the bills.

I know savings can be made by paying by direct debit but I prefer to only ever pay any bill once I know I have been billed correctly. This 123 problem was a small amount but it could have been worse. Not paying by direct debit means I can phone customer services and say I refuse to pay the bill until they correct the error - otherwise my only option would be to contact them and ask for my money back.
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