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Hello Dan, I'm just catching up with this thread, although I didn't plan to continue publicly posting about it. I am however grateful for your help.

I've emailed you back directly just to say I'm still waiting to hear what's happening, and feel free to use email to reply as I find that most accessible.

If the supplier, for example, hasn't yet shipped for any reason, can I just arrange to cancel my order and get a refund and forget I ever ordered? That would probably be the least painful resolution as things stand.

I admit I haven't yet called dv247 customer service as others have quite reasonably suggested. If you think that would actually help in any extra way, can you tell me specifically the best number and/or extension to use for my specific order? I do always exclusively use email for the 'audit trail' as another poster mentioned, but seeing as there is no 'trail' at present, I wouldn't lose much by phoning assuming there would in fact be any point in doing so beyond what you might be able to do internally.

Thanks for your help in resolving my/our problems,
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