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Hello and thanks for your replies.

I'm aware this isn't really suitable for this forum, but thanks for bearing with me. I don't get any thrill out of 'publicly moaning' and have no 'axe to grind' against dv247; I only posted here out of some desperation.

For info;
I received the initial email, then another, these shortly after the purchase and payment. Since then my order has been showing on the order status as 'confirmed' but nothing else apparently happening.

I was / am aware the item would be subject to a shipping delay, maybe around 2 weeks, but that has passed.
The emails I mentioned, to which I have had no reply, were enquiries from me sent to the orders@ address I mentioned. I only received seemingly automated replies saying my query would be dealt with. None appear to have gone into junk/trash, hence my concern and opinion of the customer service.

I generally prefer to keep all communication written, so I have a record of it, rather than phoning up. Plus, I have no idea which of the national branches may be dealing with my order. Maybe Birmingham seeing as it is closest to me in Coventry?

Anyway, I've still heard nor received anything, but it's reassuring to hear that some of you apparently have good experiences. This at least reassures me a little that I probably haven't been ripped off.
All I want to know is 'what is happening' and 'when will I receive my order'. Doesn't sound much, does it.
Hopefully somebody will indeed come back to me as a result of posting here; we'll see.

Thanks again,
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