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Default Off Topic: Can any mods here check my dv247 order?


I can't see a forum for these queries, which presumably should be directed to the dv247 sales department / customer service. However, my 2 emails to orders at over the last week appear to have been ignored and I am increasingly concerned about my order.

If any mod here has any contact with the sales side of dv247, could you please check out the progress of the following order and let me know what, if anything, is happening :-

Order number W111716
Ordered on: 02/01/2009

I am most unimpressed with the customer service I have received, which is zero, along with the considerable delay since ordering my item. I won't be considering dv247 for any future purchases, but I'd be grateful of help in finally resolving this one. I am on the verge of concluding I have been ripped off, and taking necessary action to recover my money.

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