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Originally Posted by Dave Boulden View Post
Indeed it does... music applications are one of the few software areas where people automatically assume you have a Mac.

Now just to bring a bit of sanity to all this, it still astonishes me how much people (not just on here... I mean everyone) gripe about having to pay and how much they have to pay for upgrades and mention how they don't get rewarded for loyalty, and "I've been using it for x years" etc.

How much of a discount do Intel or AMD give you when you upgrade to their latest processor? What's the currently registered user's upgrade price on nVidia or ATI graphics cards? Does your local Ford dealer sell you the latest model for about 1/3 the retail price *AND* let you keep the old one to drive around from time to time?
Ah, but there is a fly in said ointment.

You are making comparisons to products which people own.

Software developers, for years, have been trying to insist that we never own their products, we simply have a license to use them.

One could liken software ownership then not to owning a Ford, but to leasing one. And in fact, when said lease runs out, I bring back the car to the dealership, and get a brand-new-shiny fresh one after negotiating a payment.

In most cases you are not going to use the old versions of the software anymore when you get new ones, it's like returning the car for a new one.

So really, the developers have brought this mode of thinking upon themselves, and thus I can completely understand why users will get snippy if they feel they're being treated unfairly.
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