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Default cubase 5-cubase studio 5 differences.

well steinberg have been telling massive lies over excactlly how much power is in cubase studio 5 in there advertising there making out cubase studio 5 has all the new plug ins but it doesnt all it contains is groove agent one and pitch correct !!

im disgusted at how steinberg has just added 2 new vsts too cubase studio 4.5 and banged on about all the new features and none of them are in cs5 ..see here for the feature list--

no reverance/no loop mash/ no vintage compressor/ no new surround sound panner /no mod machine /no variaudio ...

what do you guys think about this..i for one im very very shocked that there advertising all the new features and show studio 5 in the same advertising but dont say that all new features are available only in cubase 5 ..i feel cheated
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