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Originally Posted by EdRyan View Post
Ah don't get me started on wannabe rudeboys. There is one in my family, who thinks he's from the Bronx or somewhere like that. Prat.
He's just got himself sent down for breaking his bail condition. They let him off for leading police on a Wild chase in a stolen car. And for riding a motorcycle on a pavement with no insurance & tax. They've finally drawn the line when he & 4 of his fellow muppets decided to commit a street plain daylight pretty much next to a CCTV camera.

I'm glad they've finally lost patience with him. Doing time with some real criminals might make him see how puny his efforts are in comparison. That said, I've never met a person who's come out of jail better then when they went in.. so I doubt it.
yeah it's always stealing cars or street robbery or even house burglary, i hate it then they boast about it like it's something to be proud of.
problem with jail imo is this,
depending on your mentality and baring in mind these "kids" are way low on the ladder they go to prison and mingle with hard core criminals and they think because they spent a bit of time amongst some of these people that they are now on the same level as these people. it's rubbish!

you then get all the little wannabe's running round doing jobs for the bigger inmates and then they feel they are quids in, ah! it's all a load of b@ll@x

also when they get in groups they think they are indestructible, you put a bit of pressure on one they run to the people they are meant to detest, the police? what's that about? dont get me started

plastic gangsters!!!
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