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Originally Posted by Definity View Post
Hey guys could anyone point me in the direction of any good DAC's?
Here's a list of some good standalone DACs. Some of these are better than others in the list, it depends on what features you need and also how much you wanna spend! The Lucid is definitely at the low end, whereas the Weiss/Prism/Lavry stuff is generally seen as top of the heap. All of them will be an upgrade on consumer-level audio interface DACs. Just feed your S/PDIF out to one of these boxes and plug in your monitors.

Lucid DA9624
Sonifex RB-DAC1
Benchmark DAC-1
Mytek Stereo96 DAC (or better)
Apogee MiniDAC (or better)
Lavry Black DA10 (black is their 'low-end', blue is their 'mid-range' and Gold is their 'no-compromise' line of converters)

Any DAC by Weiss
Prism Dream DA-2

(by 'or better' I mean that these manufacturers often have even better models for more money, or multi-channel versions, etc).
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