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Good on you. I'm planning on exactly the same thing, but leaving around October.

I want to travel and volunteer at the same time, so i'm saving up enough money to travel around the world volunteering. The only thing i've ever been truly good at is being good to other people (its the only part of existence that stands the test of time when all is said and done) and I honestly can't stand being in a job where it doesn't benefit another individual.
Here in the Western world we are completely desensitised to true suffering and have no comprehension anymore of what it means to really struggle. We're also missing out on the beauty of the natural world. *ends hippy waffle*

Quite interested in animal conservation projects, teaching english, and just general volunteering with humans in general.

I was thinking of doing that with gapyearforgrownups though i'll be sure to check out your link.

BCTV also do stuff abroad and in the UK if you're ever interested in doing something UK-based.

All the best to you and your future, ndk.
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