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Default .. and its good night from me.

Hey guys..

As of the 16th January i will no longer be part of your trusty forum admin team as i'm leaving DV. I'm off on my travels again, this time to Southern India!

I'm going as part of a volunteer staff team for the youth development charity Raleigh International. I was in Chile with them three years ago and had such an amazing time. It really changed my outlook on life! Recent events in my life made me consider my options, think about what is important to me and what i want from life . So, while young i'm going to explore the world, expand my skills and do some good for people less fortunate than our selves!

Raleigh is such a worthy charity and the work they do both in the UK and around the world is just amazing. I could waffle on about what they do for ages but their mission statement should do the trick :

Raleigh expeditions inspire people from all walks of life, ages and nationalities to make a difference to communities and environments. Through adventure and challenge we help them reach their full potential as global citizens. Our vision is to awaken a sense of life-purpose and belonging, creating a united global community working together to rise to the challenges of the world we live in.

This video may give you more of an idea as to where i will be and what i will be doing:

I don't fly out until the 27th January and am with Raleigh until 24th April. After that, who knows! I have a flight booked back at the end of May but it can/will be extended until the money or visa runs out!

If you are interested and want to follow me on my travels, I have resurrected my travel blog from when i was in Chile a few years back. Its a bit crude but it does the job -

It's been great working for DV over the past few years, especially watching this forum grow to the community it has become in a short six months. I will miss the Sureno/Sphelen banter, IABP's parodies (they crack me up every time), the immense technical knowledge of Trev (even though I don't know what he is talking about), T3's witt and put downs and all the knowledge, help and links that everybody openly shares! Thanks to all of you for making this forum what it is today and may it carry on growing in 2009!!

Go easy on Modz1 and enjoy all the up coming prizes this year, they are gonna be great!


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