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Originally Posted by EdRyan View Post
Do me a favour.

Download Audacity for free, and record into that. Lets just eliminate any Ableton related issues. If the fault persists, then we can deffo start looking at hardware problems.

It could even be something like a shared IRQ line. We'll delve into the hardware issues later though. Lets just make sure its not something further up the pipes thats the problem.
Hi Ed,

Sorry for the delay in my response, what with Christmas and discovering WOW online is actually very addictive!

I've tried recording through Audacity and that works fine - so It must be a Soundcard/Ableton specific problem. As I said before Ableton records fine via the on-board sound card, so it's just the USB one which it has a problem with. Do you think I should just buy a new internal sound card to avoid any potential USB problems. I would rather have a USB one but I don't want to spend £xxx on one and then find it does the same thing!

Doe's anyone else use a USB sound card with Ableton . . . ? If so - what works well?

Many thanks and 'Happy New Year'.

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