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pafo i told understand your situation mate im in the same boat..

i know you realize that if you had more expensive gear your mixes would soound more pro sounding but the gear you have isnt crap its good.the monitors your using arnt crappy ones ..mine are broke so im using hifi speakers ! so your better than me lol.. the thing about having alot of great vsts is you think you need too use them all but its best using some vst compressors sparinglly some do more damage than fix the problems.

a thing you could try too help you mix better is listen too cds threw the same set of monitors and try and adjust your mixes acordingly.youll get a better sounding mix if youve got a bench mark too set yours at.

if you want your sng too sound like a trance cd then get your favourite cd play it threw your desk and hear what sets it apart from yours it the mid,top or bass range that are different if so pause the cd then play your song and adjust the ranges you find fault in and with each adjustment save your track as different versions so you can compare them again days later ..hope this helps and dont worry your set ups fine
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