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Originally Posted by waxxy View Post
everyone should have some kind of acoustic treatment in there studio..and i dont mean the old myth of sticking aldi egg boxes too the walls
My sitting room is my "studio". I output with optical cable to my Quad CD player which has a great DAC. My hi-fi speakers therefore act as my monitors. Not ideal of course, but not too bad either. Quad hi-fi is known for it's quality and transparency.

I did wonder about room acoustics a couple of years ago when I upgraded my power amps and my speakers really started to perform. I wondered whether I needed some sort of bass traps and found a piece of software I could use to check the room acoustics.
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I bought the basic one user license of RPlusD and ran a test which did clearly show problems in the 50hz to 60hz range. I was in the middle of redecorating at the time so put off doing another test until I had moved all soft furnishings back in to the room.

Personally, I like the idea of having the RPlusD software. If I had my own studio I would of course have professionals advise on the acoustic set up of the room(s) but I would still like to have software on hand so I could run a check any time.
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