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i had a creative external usb card too years ago and i had to get rid of it ..i had asio problems and thats why i was getting crackles pops and drop outs there useless for making music..there fine for apps like ejay and for games and movies but for daws like cubase ,logic...etc then best get rid..

theres lots of excellent cheap pci cards out which will be fine for you theres the emu 0404 card which i still have now its excellent for music because its got its own dsp chips and very low latency so great for recording live takes or using vsts..

or theres the m-audio delta cards there really good and with the updates m-audio provided awhile ago they can now run protools or any daw you like..theres lots of different options too suit your needs and bank balance too ..instead of using external cards if you can find space in yopur computer use a pci card there cheap and will be ok for you too use..heres the links--
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