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All the computer I use for audio (laptops running vista and my workstation running XP) have an active soundcard or build-in audio as well as the studio audio interface on them - both are active and without any problems.

I suspect you actually have some device driver or service that is periodically doing something and that is interfering with the USB audio.

I suggest following one of the windows XP audio tweak guides and/or increasing you audio buffer size. With a well setup machine you shouldnt have to disable a whole bunch of services etc, however there are many third party apps and services which do cause problems with audio streaming, particularly over USB. Also make sure your audio interface is not on a root hub sharing with other devices.

Look for installed printer utilities and applications in the sys-tray - they are often the cause of periodic audio problems - HP in particular I know can upset audio in this manner, so with my HP printer I only have the basic drivers installed and non of their applications.

Multiple audio interfaces/soundcards are not in my experience a cause of problems on their own, for eg I regularly play stuff in windows media to either a build in audio interface on the laptop or the creative sound card on my workstation while Live/Cubase etc are using ASIO driver to a different pro-audio interface - no problems at all with this. Just make sure that the default audio device is not your audio production interface so that windows beeps and other applications that make noise dont interfere with audio work. Sometimes you may have to disable non-ASIO drivers on your production audio interface to be absolute sure that only applications supporting ASIO will talk to it.
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