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On Board Sound is certainly a likely culprit. Disable it on BIOS best or at least Device Manager. But I fear some of the "damage" is already done but worry not, I think you can sort it.

Disconnect the usb device and run "Revouninstaller" and run the most advanced setting to rid the pc of every trace of the usb AI. Next disable the OBS best way you can and run Revo again for that ( also Ccleaner is a good idea).

Now find the March 2002 article at "Optimising Windows XP for Music" This might be a bit dense for you but just do the Windows sounds shut off and "run in background" tweaks at the very least. DO NOT IMHO disable "Restore"!

Now re install the usb unit TO THE LETTER!

I have no experience with Abe L but it has a good rep' If you still have problems download the very simple but solid Audacity as a check DAW software.

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