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another thing that may be giving you problems is what your using too monitor when your mixing.
my advice is try and use active monitors or if your using an extrnal amp try and get a studio amp with no eq so your not adding false hi or low end frequencys too your mixes.
if your using a bog standard hifi amp try and set your bass/treble/mid too 0 or some have a defeat button ..dont try and mix with any off the fancy presets that some amps come with such as jazz/rock/dance .if you try and mix sing these your mix will sound completely different on somebody elses set up.if your using the wrong amp or wrong set up that could be one answer why your getting lots of top on your mixes you will be over compensating for frequencys your set up isnt giving you correctly.
heres some studio amp examples--
please post full set up so you can get further help.
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