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So it's Christmas morning and I get up to see what Santa has left me. There it is, my Action Man, but he's German. My brother wanted one too and his was British. He confessed many years later that he had got up early and switched them. My Action Man had to lose a lot of battles but he won a lot of World Cups.

So I get up for my train set and there it is. Santa had set it up. It was oval in shape and had a station and it went around the track in about ten seconds. I'm sure I visualised it 10 times bigger. It could never really be described as interesting and it was never going to last me a whole year. It ran on a battery in a box with wires. I think I got 20 minutes out of it. The shops in those days closed for days so all I could do was look at my train set, which was an engine, two carriages and 6ft of track. I eventually bought a transformer but the interest factor never really got above dire.

So I asked for a puppet. I know, it beggars belief. What's more it was a farmer type fella. Just ridiculous. I get up at four in morning for this. By ten past four it's a tangled mess. All the strings need taking off and putting back. Bad choice. Don't do it kids. Never ask for a puppet even if you are weird.

So I'm getting a bike. I get up and go into the garage. Wow! Very shiny and looks great.'Happy Christmas Biro'. It's for one of my bros. I look around and see my name on a card - 'Happy Christmas Bic. Enjoy your brother's old knackered bike' - Not only am I wearing his old clothes, I'm now riding his boneshaker. Some may call it vintage but I'd call it chipped, mishapen and dangerous.

So I get a space invader game. It's two flying saucers going side to side and firing. I fire back. I complete the game to its maximum score on about my third go. If only I could have had the Atari my mate got with 300 games. I still have the game.

Happy Days. Kids today really don't know how obnoxious (I meant lucky. Oh no, I was right first time) they are.
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