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Originally Posted by EdRyan View Post
The thing about it is that it was behind the likes of the big 3 in terms of development, and it doesn't have anything really unique to it.
sorry, that's not an informed comment to make.. 1 of plenty reasons why.. 64 bit mode, some others seemed to follow. I also own cubase, and well "preview" don't cut it.. either did "native side chaining" which appeared in a later update in cubase. How many companies has the developers actually talk to users on their forum? I suppose Roland isn't a big name in the industry..

sphelan, if you go on the cakewalk forum , it's a good place and people are helpful. since you have rapture (well LE?) be sure to pick up the muz3um pack free for it =) . Trust me you'll like it.

the user base is different simply because it's mainly US users, it's tricky to complete for them in the sense of many factors.. import tax etc. So the mags will focus more on the higher percentage of users.

I did buy the sonar 7 power book which in additional to the manual is a useful resource and craig does write in SOS about sonar also.
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