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Originally Posted by modz1 View Post
You missed my point there man.. There's a difference between a track having some sort of 'soul' as opposed to being 'soulful'..

And yes, I did have a little head nod on the 'Clockwork' track, which I purchased..(that track utilises the complex melodies of Cygnus X's version of the 'Orange Theme'..)
no, what i meant by that is that your tracks you chose where quite soulful (not talking genre here) for me, easy to listen to if you will not a bad thing at all as i listen to it all the time, although it did get evicted from the car the other day and replaced by that new HK 09 one Deadmau5 is more hard edge imo so comparing it to the tracks iv heard you Dj i can see why you wouldnt really use it in a set, but having said that it is at the end of the day horses for coarses

Do you mix harder stuff or a different vibe, im so hesitant to say a genre as iv been getting it really wrong recently
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