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Originally Posted by I_Am_Bic_Pentameter View Post
I'd never heard of these. Just done a bit of reading up and pricing.

What type of make does it sound closest to?
It's very strat-esque to my admittedly cloth ears. I can't in all honesty compare it to a genuine strat for overall quality soundwise, but it does a fair impersonation. There isn't a deal of sustain for one thing, but these pups have one major plus point for me, they might be single coil but they are very, very quiet, even using high gain settings on my AD15VT

I believe LAG claim these guitars are hand made in France, but it's common knowledge only the prototypes were before being shipped out to a factory in China for them to copy. Lag may well get the guitars in kit form and assemble them in France, hence the hand made claim, but I think that only applies to the higher end models.

I know buying a guitar online, unseen and untried is usually frowned on, but I've done this lots of times over the past few years and I've yet to be disappointed, and this one is up there with the best considering the price. I'm told they are pretty widely available in shops, tho' I've yet to see one in any of my local stores.
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