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Default LAG guitars

I'm not sure if DV sell these, so to be on the safe side I won't mention where I got my LAG Jet from at the price I paid (99) but there are a couple of places that are easy enough to find online.

I wasn't looking for yet another guitar, but found a link on another forum to a LAG Roxane at the same price. I was tempted as they seem to have a decent enough rep, but all my guitars are humbucker-ed, so rooted about and found a Jet (3 single coil) and simply couldn't resist. It arrived on Tuesday, and if my initial impressions were favourable, it's got better and better since

OK, the pups aren't the hottest around, but they'll do for me, in fact I think this will be the first guitar I've bought at any price where I won't be upgrading the pups, as the stock pups have plenty enough character. Overall, the build quality is near faultless, with only the lack of binding on the neck a possible issue as the fret slots are open and will become dirt magnets over time. The maple neck and fretboard (one piece?) is beautifully smooth and the action is to die for, I only had to lower the top E to bring it in line with the rest, and even restrung with 9's (I'd run out of 10's) it's virtually buzz free.

On closer inspection, a couple of the frets were slightly tarnished, but nothings 10 minutes of good old elbow grease didn't put right, perhaps this was the reason for the low price as I've seen varying list prices from 189 to 249. Then again the colour, Holly Green, may have proven unpopular, so that may have played a part in the price.

I've been playing for 30+ years now, and wish guitars of this quality had been around when I first started. All in all, this is a gem for so little money, perfect for a backup or first guitar, and if mine is typical, they are highly recommended by moi. Mine is only for home use, and if anything happened to it, assuming I could get another at the same price, I'd do it in a heartbeat
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