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Waxxy, I agree that Ebay fees are a rip off. Have you looked at Amazon Market Place as an alternative? You can just search amazon to see if they list the item you want to sell. If they do then you click on the "sell yours here" button.
Amazon do take commission of course but only if the item sells, there is no charge to list something. Amazon set the postage costs that are charged to the customer so if you are selling a heavy item make sure your costs are covered. Amazon will give you a summary of what you will earn including postage allowance. You set the price you want to sell your item for and your listing remains live for 60 days after which you can just renew if you want to.
There is no guarantee of a quick sale or a sale at all but you might be lucky and at least you don't have topay anything up front or take photos of your items.
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