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Originally Posted by Semi-D View Post
sorry to hear about the break-in, scum like that are the lowest of the low!

with regards to card fraud we CAN all do something about it,
it happened to me and the missus once, thing is the card in question had never even been used??
the scum involved decided to purchase some very high priced air tickets some huge mobile phone topups and a few other random items coming to a total of somewhere around 3000 (can't remember the exact figure now)

the bank 'Halifax' actually spotted it before us and put a total lockdown on the account so no more funds could be taken out, then contacted us and suggested we contact the police!
at that time we thought we where been sold out by the bank and they were trying to get out of having to sort it out, but we did as they suggested!
the police got on the case and joined forces with the bank, they looked deep in to it all and we got all our money back and within a few weeks the police had traced the stuff bought to Huddersfield and made some arrests!!
the idiots had actually topped up there own phones and bought the tickets for themselves!!

there not always the brightest bulb on the tree! GET THE POLICE ON IT!!

Wow...glad you got your money back.
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