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Someone like Trev on here will know what is good in that price range and will know about sizes and why X is better than Y etc.

My costing was low end of Pro ranges and even then a bit conservative. You only notice the difference when you step up. It's like your ears have been flushed out.

Here's the specs of the Adams a7 - they are 600 a pair - but at least it gives a flavour of what is in a good set.

The A7 matches the A.R.T. tweeter with a state of the art 6.5" woofer that introduces a new cone material combining high rigidity and high internal damping with low weight, resulting in an extremely accurate monitor with all the clarity, detail and spectacular imaging traditionally associated with the ADAM name.

The A7 is powered by two 50W RMS amps (one per driver). The front panel sports both a power switch and volume control. The rear panel houses controls for tweeter level and two shelving filters for high and low frequencies. The unit also features both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input connectors, allowing it to be used in almost any audio application.

ADAM's A7 features the unique A.R.T. (Accelerated Ribbon Technology) Transducer, which is the main contributor to the success of ADAM studio monitors. The A.R.T. Transducer is what sets ADAM's A7 nearfield monitors apart from other monitors in this price range. The A7's A.R.T. Transducer sports a 4:1 velocity transformation between folio and air which improves the transient response, and the larger diaphragm allows for greater volume.

A7 Specifications

* Woofer : 165mm, Rohacell / Carbonfibre sandwich
* A.R.T. tweeter : A.R.T. Technology
* Freq.response(+ 3 dB) :46Hz - 35 kHz
* Panel (rear-mounted) : Input/HF gain, Hi/Lo EQ
* Power : 50W (sin), 80W (RMS)
* Inputs : balanced XLR + unbalanced RCA
* W x H x D : 180 x 330 x 280mm
* Weight : 8.1kg
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