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Originally Posted by Dave Boulden View Post
Sounds more like it's a preamp worth having to cover problem or unusual microphones and difficult miking scenarios more than as a "goto" preamp.
That's an excellent way to put it.

As an addendum:

This is by no means an "amateur" unit - it will do just fine in all sorts of scenarios anyway, and is a huge step up from most inbuilt interface preamps. Again, it's just doesn't have the sex-factor that you get from some other options. If one can't make good recordings with this it will definitely be case of a lack of talent rather than a lack of tools. It's just that there are certainly more "exciting" options available, but maybe none that have this specific, and very handy, feature set which do make it a bit of a Swiss Army knife in the front-end toolkit.

I should have mentioned as well - despite all my griping about the cost of the ADC board, the quality of the conversion is actually very good indeed. Good definition across the spectrum, no unwanted smearing/artifacts or anything like that, at least not in our (unscientific testing.) Although I haven't piled 100 tracks yet with it, I think it's a solid design.
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