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Originally Posted by sureno View Post
Hey M how about linking my glossary
Do you mean the The A-Z?

Originally Posted by trbguy
Great thread! Only concern is how does this thread stay updated, when there's so much good info floading in?
Good question with many answers IMO

It did cross my mind before starting this thread actually, many of the threads above do have similar information elsewhere on the why were they not listed?

A) To keep the number down per category...if it gets to 200 per category it would be difficult to navigate and would effectively duplicate the forum to a large degree and lose it's effectiveness as a Start page for beginners primarily anyway. But 5 - 10 threads or so per category I think makes sense.

B) The focus for the thread is really to get the information people want quickly and easily. So the focus is on placing info on the page that is not heavily duplicated elsewhere.

C) The greatest concentration of guides and tips resides in the Tips and Tricks forum AFAICT. I only took a few out from there because the concentration of threads helpful to beginners in particular is extremely high.

To post everything from there would mean duplicating that entire sub forum...makes no sense... just provide a link, which I did. I only took a few from there...a couple for the Music Theory category as that category was not covered on the Start Page.

D) I specifically went for threads that have as many responses as possible. So if in future a category has 10 threads in it and someone starts another thread that is practically identical to one or two of the threads already in that category, it is very unlikely to be added as there is no real need unless it has a very high number of responses. Say 6 or 7 pages. Certainly if it exceeds the highest number of pages of the thread that has the least number of reponses / pages in a category then it can replace a thread in that same category.

So if someone starts a new thread on mixing, its very likely most of that info will be duplicated elsewhere already. If there are 10 mixing threads already on the Start page then the new mixing thread will have to contain info not available in the existing 10 mixing threads in that category (extremely unlikely) or have a larger number of responses or pages than at least one of those 10 threads (not likely to happen very often IMO).

So just by using those 4 guidelines it will be easy to keep this page updated IMO.

Over time even 15 - 20 threads per category might be OK but its unlikely more than that will be added to maintain the Start Pages accessibility. 10 for now I think is OK. But that is just my suggestion.

Swapping out an older thread from a list of 10 with a new one that has become extremely popular and had many responses with info related to the original topic....(threads can drift off topic...been guilty myself heh) should be easy to do. If there is a thread with even richer info then it can replace one of ten. Easy.

As a new beginner going through 10 threads per category...that is quite a bit of research to go through especially when you consider each thread can have 2 pages at least, so 20 or more pages collectively per category (once ten threads are available) is quite a lot of reading for a beginner. Keeping things down to 10 threads should maintain a nice concise Start Page that gets richer and richer info wise over time. That's the idea behind it.

Modz 1 summarised it quite well as a "compendium" which is pretty accurate as that is a concise yet comprehensive summary or collection, body of this case forum threads from all of us on various topics, but that can help beginners (mainly) or non beginners get to categorised info very quickly .

New categrories?
New categories might be added or a slight adjustment might be made to what is already there category wise...lets see how it grows over time!

Originally Posted by wilty
Looks like Monarch has a full time job....
Heh... nah it won't take that long to maintain.
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