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Originally Posted by modz1 View Post
Pretty much the first thread to be stickied on the initial post..
Simple but Genius idea and execution Monarch!

This will no doubt become something akin to an index or compendium for the entire DV247 Forums..

To help Monarch further crystallize his idea, we can all chip in ideas for useful threads which he can then add to his OP..

First, 'User Reviews'. and then this.. we salute you Sir!
Cheers Modz!!!

I just gathered the info into a more accessible format, the info of course is 98% from other forum members efforts, I contributed a very small part. But yes as you said forum members chipping in with ideas, yes, lets take it as far as we can effort

Originally Posted by Khazul
Also shows what a reallly great all round music resource this forum has become in the few months its been going!
Exactly my thoughts. I joined in September but even though the forum was only a few months old there were loads of great threads with so much info already.

The problem was many of them were slipping down to page 2,3,4 e.t.c and most people (including myself) would be unlikely to check the second, third .e.t.c page of every single DV sub forum as a new member. Hopefully this thread will eliminate or at least mitigate that problem for new forum members or beginners looking for info on getting started.

Originally Posted by I_Am_Bic_Pentameter
Now we just need a big arrow saying - Read This Sticky

Originally Posted by Wilty
Agreed, maybe a move out the 'Introducing' forum and somewhere more visable would be in order.
Its weird, I've read all those posts but seeing them all together like that makes it seem like this Forum has been about for years.
The funny thing is I found so many threads I had totally missed, while I was starting this thread. Loads of info but pushed back off the 1st, and even 4th page of a forum.
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