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instead, Contact customer services: : or better still, call them on +44 1708 771951.

Start Page...

There have been quite a few requests for adivce on Computer Setup, software choices here are a collection of threads already available on DV forums that answer a large number of questions.

Of course the search function is there but clearly new forum members seem to prefer to start a thread and ask questions instead and gather the information they need that way, perhaps doing things that way avoids doing a search, which will scan for the search string but might also bring up less accurate matches as well as the desired information.

I think these thread categories will really help beginners as key talking points (for beginners) are categorised on one page for easier reference. This page will likely be edited over time as well. It is by no means a best of collection...that is subjective of course, this is simply a small collection of some of the many helpful threads started by a number of different forum members that I think will help beginners.

Where to start? Well why not introduce yourself if you have not done so already.

Computer choice

My first set up

Setting up a home studio on a budget


PC to MAC Advice

Looking for help on Computer hardware

Which new computer

Set up

Room treatment

Room treatment, placement of bass traps

Laptop set up advice

Hard drive allocation

Audio interface

Where can I go to test cards?

Trying to decide which audio interface to buy

Audio interface query with answers

Help needed on sound card purchase

Control surface

Which to buy


Which Monitor
Which Monitors

Advice needed on studio monitors

Advice on Monitor choice please

Monitor advice

Are my Monitors any good?

Decent budget studio monitors


Which Mic and what are the differences

Cheap vs. Expensive

Mics for Film and TV

Perfect Mic for vocals

Affordable mic for recording Acoustic instruments


Which Preamp?

Why buy an expensive preamp?


Which low end mixer

Best mixer

Choosing Software

Need help choosing a host?

Midi drum software


Working faster and smarter

User Reviews
There is an entire sub forum here, for various product user reviews (Hardware and software) from various DV forum members, feel free to add your own reviews.

Music theory

Music theory 101

A nice way to learn music theory

Tutorials & Guides


A- Z Glossary

Reading material:

Classic books


Jordan Rudess videos

Production Technique:

Learning Music Production

How to create a drum and bass sound

Sound design:

Synthesis resources


Using an Electronic set Live

PA system mixer

DMX lighting Primer

DJ related:

Ritchie Hawtins set up explained

Music Organization

Vinyl or CD

What makes a good DJ ?

DJ looking for advice

Complete novice needing help


Recording Acoustic Guitars

Recording and mixing awesome drums

Recording awesome guitars

Recording audio levels

Recording horns

Getting started Recording

Recording Electric Guitar using a DI box?


Dealing with clashing frequencies

Stem Mixing

Smoothing over the cracks

Tips for mixing VSTi's

Compress yourself


What do you think of self mastering


Composition and arrangement:

Why is it done like this?


You tube Channels

Developers and Manufacturers Channels

Tips and Tricks: sub forum huge collection of all manner of guides, tips and tutorials.

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