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Originally Posted by ndk View Post
I didn't go to Glade but I did go to Z008 in Kent a few weeks ago and to be honest it sound like the total opposite to what you just described. Don't get me wrong i had a great time but the organisation of it was an utter shambles!

It was their first festival and they came across all sorts of unforeseen problems including cash flow issues and stage closures. This meant that quite a few acts/bands pulled out inculding Roni Size & Reprazent (one of the main reasons I went), Dizee Rascal, The Metros, The Rascals, Athlete, Goldie, Fabio to name but a few.. However, the acts we did see were excellent, plus we got into the zoo for half price!!

Lethal Bizzle replaced Dizee Rascal and it's not my sort of music but he put on a really good show, turned around a bad atmosphere and really got the crowd going. Other highlights for me included Mark Ronson, Hadouken, Andy C, The Young Knives and The Holloways. I also saw Friction and my god he got the crowd jumping!

I very much doubt I will be going next year.. Latitude will get my cash or maybe even Benicassim..
Sounds like there was some damn good acts there, shame they got cancelled. Glade was like that last year due to the floods tho, at one point there was litterally a river running through the overkill tent only like half a foot below where the main part of the PA should have been standing, was nuts.

Having a festival with good organisation really does make it so much better i find.
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