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Originally Posted by Khazul View Post
Sorry - slight OT question - You have scratch and the Audio 8? Have you tried controlling traktor from those decks (and/or the CDJs)?

I'm just curious if you can launch a track properly from a deck or not in the normal way for a deck or whether you still have to go push play or do anything else in tracktor? Ie how well does it track scratch repeats etc on the timecoded vinyl and cds?
ah sorry i keep meaning to test out my cdj's its fine on my TT's, the vinyl is split into 3 parts, intro mid, outro so it picks it up well gave it a blast using the vinyl but to be honest i got ableton shortly after and have been neglecting TS, iv hardly used it but from what i have it seemed to work well although i found master tempo not as good as my 1000's
Im a Mac and Windows 7 was not my idea
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