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Originally Posted by modz1 View Post
D'ya know in retrospect.. perhaps all the genres should be in the DJ Forum..? After all, Techno, House, Hip-Hop, D 'n B etc are pretty much confined to DJ's or those interested in dance genres. The 'Great Musicians, Producers & Classic Tracks' Forum really was instigated for those more seminal artists, tracks and producers, in the more mainstream 'acoustic and band related' areas (Trev may say 'proper music then' )

Would that be cool with you Sphelan, considering my thinking above?

PS To all: Pls don't take the above as anything derogatory to the musical content of 'dance music', as of course I've spent twenty years of my life making and playing out said music..
yeah i was thinking that so as your thinking along the same lines as sureno the genius i wont stop you
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