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Originally Posted by FrankGIK View Post
What's the difference between a cheap mic and an expensive one? I'll answer that two ways:

A.) Nothing if your preamp sucks.

and (provided A doesn't apply),

B.) One word: detail. Not the false detail that cheap mic makers try to create by boosting the mic's curve at 12Khz, but real, rich detail throughout the frequency spectrum, and realistic detail with respect to the distance the source is from the mic.

If you've never used a *really* nice mic through a *really* nice pre, the rolled the playback and said, " track", it's something you really must try some time. Not there aren't some good Chinese mics out there, because there are. Don't buy the hype about about how all "cheap mics suck"...that's just not true. I've tracked a couple of dozen albums since I struck out on my own, and most of my mics are of the sub-$500 variety. If you can't get great tracks with a $300 Shure KSM27, the problem isn't the mic...

Interesting points Frank.

You mentioned Chinese brands...I have heard a lot about the SE Mics, they seem to get good reviews (I think they are a Chinese brand)....I would guess they are low to mid in terms of Mic would you rate them?
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