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It depends also what is the output of your computer when you listen to those test recordings. My main point was you can get quite good with quite little money. There are different sounding mics anyway in Neumann's and Behringer's. One has to have really good ears to tell those apart in blind test. It would be fun to see results. But anyway there isn't a absolute thruth when it comes to sound I found that site really useful, because I don't have too much money to spend. Neumann's seem also to be somekind standard it would look weird if some expensive studio I rented would give me behringers for use. Also sound is a strange thing sometimes what is wrong is right. History is full of those examples, when by mistake something good is achieved. For example Hammond which as I know was intended to be a church organ, well didn't quite work for that. I fully understand someone using Neumann's but making good music doesn't depend on that.
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